Due to unfavorable market conditions our ICO will be stopped on the 14th of July 2018 and will be restarted at a later point in time. All contributions will be paid back to you as soon as the smart contract will execute automatically on the 1st of September. We thank you for your trust in us and hope for your support in the future. Enquiries can be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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WINiota is the first decentralized 3rd generation blockchain sports betting and casino platform. Using the Iota Tangle technology, WINiota is one step ahead of other blockchain casinos, having developed the first playable application using Iota flash channels.


Different to the vast majority of the crypto casinos, WINiota is using the IOTA tangle environment, instead of the blockchain. The advantage for our community is significant: micro wagers and high speed gambling experience via Iota Flash Channels will revolutionize the online casino experience.


We want everyone to be able to join the WINiota player community. This is why we offer feeless micro transactions.


Our team is composed of online gambling experts with a traceable working record within the top 5 online gambling companies; IT and blockchain specialists involved in Iota projects; and experienced entrepreneurs, taking care of marketing, financials, and legal issues. In order to comply with rules and regulations, WINiota will be acquiring a Gibraltar Gambling licence.


WINiota not only offers traditional casino and sports betting content, but is also constantly working to improve the gambling experience, like betting on data streams picked up by IOT sensors.


Cheating by the house was yesterday. WINiota is implementing the Provably Fair algorithm to assure correct randomness on all games offered. Since all data is being stored decentralized on the Iota tangle, all information is transparent to the player.


AI enhanced sports trading represents the future of sports betting, giving WINiota an advantage in odds calculation and therefore the possibility to be offering better spreads to the bettor.


Unlike other online casinos, at WINiota all funds are always sent via a flash channel to the game the user wishes to play. Once the game play is finished, the winnings are directly transferred back to the users wallet. No need for a hot wallet on the platform.


WINiota is decentralizing sportsbetting related work tasks by implementing a 2nd layer oracle node network, where work tasks, such as forwarding betting outcomes into the smart contracts, are being handled by random oracles.


WINiota adds social community advantages to a supreme gambling experience; its vision is to maximize the payout to the community on a constant basis. Token holders can profit of a weekly raffle which will be held to raffle off 50% of the profits to WIT holders.

WINiota proudly presents “WINiota Dice 2x” the first game application ever facilitating Iota flash channels. Right now available on the Iota test net, giving you the chance to play for free.

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Due to the test net the speed might be reduced, so please bear with us.

 WINiota sells WIT tokens for crowd sale. WIT will be released on the ERC-20 standard.

There will be no follow-up sale on WIT, nor will there be any more WIT minted other than the initially minted 1 Billion WIT. Unsold tokens, if any, will be burned at the end of the crowdsale.

You are not eligible and not allowed to participate in the WINiota ICO if you are from China, the USA or a citizen or resident of Singapore, Vietnam or resident of a country where American embargoes and sanctions are in force, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba.

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Why should I invest?

Token name WIT
Total tokens supply 1000.000.000
Total tokens for sale 600.000.000
Token price 1 ETH = 22.000 WIT
Soft cap 2.400 ETH
Hard cap 24.000 ETH

Start date to be announced
End date to be announced
Available tokens 116.600.000
Bonus 15%
Presale Hard Cap 5.300 ETH
Start date to be announced
End date to be announced
Available tokens 483.400.000
Bonus 1st day 6%, 2nd - 4th day 3%, 5th - 20th day 2%
Hard Cap 24.000 ETH


Why should I invest?


A total of 1 Billion WIT token will be generated and distributed as followed:

Founders & Team
Bankroll Token Reserve


After a successful ICO, the funds will be used as followed:

Legal & Audits

ICO Listings

7 / 10
4.6 / 5
4.5 / 5
8.59 / 10
4.1 / 5
3.61 / 5
4 / 5

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  • JANUARY 2016
    First idea of a feeless community Casino on the tangle. Detailed development of concept by founders and advisors. Feasibility check of WINIota concept ensuring that it is legally and technically feasible. Assessing profitability at multiple levels.
  • APRIL 2018
    Launched MVP: WINiota is the FIRST worldwide to develop a casino game that uses the Iota Flash Channel technology.
  • SEPTEMBER 2018
    Development of further casino games. Comprehensive development of sports betting platform and AI deep learning model. Exchange Listing. We are in contact with leading crypto exchanges to get WIT listed.
  • NOVEMBER 2018
    Launch of further Casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Video-Poker, etc. Launch of the Sportsbetting section into the existing gaming platform.
  • MARCH 2019
    Full offer of games online.
  • MAY 2019
    Artificial Intelligence model integration into WINiotas sports betting section.


Blockchain Expo 2018 June 27th - 28th, RAI, Amsterdam
27 JUN
TokenMarket 2018 June 28th - 29th, Gibraltar
28 JUN


Bancor, our Partner for Decentralized Liquidity

Visit: https://www.bancor.network/discover

WINiota and Sports Betting

Our decentralized sports betting offer will include a fresh approach, offering an innovative arsenal of pre-match and live sport bets based on IOT - READ MORE -


Senior bookmaker with vast knowledge in all sports as well as casino. 10 years experience working for top-tier gaming companies in Gibraltar. Has overseen several industry mergers.


Core developer, game programming, Full stack programmer with 8 years experience in leading teams for web and mobile development. UCL Trinity IOTA wallet developer.


CRM Manager at bwin. Auditing officer and director of hotels including Alltours/Thomas Cook for over 10 years.

PONTUS PERSSON Head of User Experience Lead

Lead UX designer with over 10 years experience of creating digital products for industry leading brands. Worked for HUGE, Possible, Lead UX Designer on the multi-awarded (Cannes, Clios, Campaign etc.) Adidas Glitch application.

KAREN MAREŠ Head of Game Design

Artwork for top-tier gaming and television companies, working both the online and print mediums for companies such as NetEnt, Odobo, Playtech and Ladbrokes Coral as well as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC and Sky.

ANTON NATAROV Full stack developer

Game programming, robotics software engineer with over 10 years experience. Co-founder of goodgame.ru.

SCOTT MALSBURY Head of Communications

Senior Quality and business management roles, previous experience with multi billion dollar projects worldwide. Head of communications at Ethlend.

SHALINI WOOD Head of PR & Community Management

10+ years of experience. Worked for Delphy prediction markets, Honeywell, Sheraton Hotels, Grand Hyatt Hotels.

ULF KARLSSON Head of Affiliate Marketing

Specialized in content marketing, SEO, social media. Over 10 years experience in gaming. Worked for GTech, Workation.

PATRICK SOH Head of Consumer Relations East Asia & Community Manager

Vast experience in community management and ICO strategies. Previously worked for EverMarkets, VeriME, and IATokens.

SHABIR YUNOS Head of Consumer Relations Asia & Community Manager

Previously worked for Delta Airlines and Yamaha. Experienced Analyst and Community Manager. Prior experience includes Next Exchange, VeriME and EverMarkets.

JESSICA LEE GREEN Head of Casino Operations

Over 10 years experience in several management roles in the gaming sector. Worked for Bet365, Ladbrokes Coral Group.



CEO of Vaultoro, BTC/Gold exchange. Early Bitcoin investor. Serial entrepreneur


Wallet Systems, Cryptocurrency Advocate, worked for wystoken.org


MBA from United Business Institutes, Brussel. Passionate about crypto currencies since 2011. Experienced miner, trader and crypto entrepreneur, co-founder of cryptonaut.org.

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